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Dupree's Diamond Blues Chords

Grateful Dead

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by Rowane

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Dupree's Diamond Blues

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E-------------------------------|--------------------------- B-------------------------------|--------------------------- G-------------------------------|--------------------------- D-------------------2-----2--2--|--------------------------- A----------------2-----2--------|--2--3--2--3--0------------ E--2^3--2--1--0-----------------|--------------------------- E----------2--2--3--2--|------------------------------------ B----------3--3--3--3--|------------------------------------ G----------2--2--2--2--|------------------------------------ D----------0--0--0--0--|--------2-----0--------------------- A--0h2h4---------------|-----2-----2------------------------ E----------------------|--3--------------------------------- E-------------------------------|--------------------------- B-------------------------------|--------------------------- G-------------------------------|--------------------------- D-------------------2-----2--2--|--------------2------------ A----------------2-----2--------|--2--3--2--3--------------- E--2^3--2--1--0-----------------|--------------------------- E----------2--2--3--2--| B----------3--3--3--3--| G----------2--2--2--2--| D----------0--0--0--0--| A--0h2h3---------------| E----------------------| E-----------|-------------|--------------------------------- B---------1-|-----------1-|--------------------------------- G------0----|--------0----|-------------0------------------- D---2-------|-2---1-------|-1---0--2--4--------------------- A-----------|-------------|--------------------------------- E-----------|-------------|---------------------------------
E7 Am When I was just a little young boy, D G Papa said son, you'll never get far, E7 Am Tell you the reason, if you wanna know, D Cause child of mine, Am7 Am13- D E F# G* (SN) There isn't really very far to go. Well, baby baby wants a gold diamond ring, Wants it more than any old thing, Well when I get those jelly-roll blues, Why I go and get anything in this world for you. Down to the jewelry store packin' a gun, Says, "Wrap it up I think I'll take this one." "A thousand dollars please," the jewelry man said, Dupree said, "I'll pay this one off to you in lead." G *(G) (D) C G * These chords are optional Well you know son, you just can't figure, D Am G D C G First thing you know you're gonna to pull that trigger, G (SN BASS) G F# F E And it's no wonder, your reason goes bad, Am D G C G Jelly-roll will drive you so mad. Judge said, "Son, it's gonna cost you some time." Dupree said, "Judge you know that crossed my mind." Judge said, "Fact it's gonna cost you your life." Dupree said, "Judge you know that seems to me to be about right." Baby baby you gonna lose her sweet man, Dupree come out with a losin' hand, Baby's gonna weep it up for a while, Then go out and find another sweet man's gonna treat her with style. Judge said, "Son, I know your baby well, But that's a secret I can never tell." Dupree said, "Judge well it's well understood, But you got to admit that sweet Jelly's so good." Well you know son, you just can't figure, First thing you know you're gonna to pull that trigger, And it's no wonder, your reason goes bad, Jelly-roll will drive you so mad. Same old story and I know it's been told, Some like Jelly Jelly, some like gold, Many a man's done a terrible thing Just to get, baby a shinin' diamond ring.

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