Graham Nash

Better Days

Graham Nash

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Better Days

F#					/C#  
When your love has moved away  
Cm5-/7                      B  
You must face yourself and say  
I remember better days  
Don't you cry `cause she is gone  
She is only moving on  
Chasing mirrors through a haze  
F#   F#m   F#    F#m  
F#                     A       B    
Now that you know it's nowhere  
What's to stop you coming home  
                        A     B  
All you got to do is go there  
Then you'll really realize what's going down  
You went to a strange land searching   
For a truth you felt was wrong  
That's when the heartaches started  
Though you're where you want to be you're not where you belong  
Verse 1 & 2 


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