Grace Petrie


Grace Petrie

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D				Dsus2		G 
Another morning that you're stirring at the crack of dawn 
D			Dsus2			G 
I lie there doing nothing, flinching when the light comes on 
D							Dsus2 
You're checking things against a list to make sure nothing has been missed 
Your passport and your boarding pass 
You always leave them out til last 

D	Dsus2	G 

Chorus D Bm G D G And I'm puffy eyed and I'm not much use A D G A D But you manage to be patient as you pass my shoes
D Dsus2 G Verse D Dsus2 G Another morning that we're rushing out into the car D Dsus2 G The day will come when we leave in enough time but it's not so far D Dsus2 So in the midst of all of this, I forget to steal a kiss G To hold your hand and tell you you don't understand how you'll be missed D Dsus2 G
Chorus D Bm G D G So I hang around til you've checked your bags D G D You won't get rid of me til security
D Dsus2 G D G D And you hold your dreams with mine A G D And I hold yours too because A Bm I will take my chances G D On your wood shoe dances Bm D G Cos nothing else makes sense the way this does A Bm It's the life we have chosen G D It's the life that has chosen us D Dsus2 G Verse D Dsus2 G So take care darling then and let me know you land okay D Dsus2 G I'll head back home and watch my phone until I know you got there safe D And then we'll steal a moment now and then Dsus2 To hear each other's voice again G Adding up the hours ahead to talk before we go to bed D Bm G A D And it's the same old words for the same old love Bm G D That never quite feel big enough D Dsus2 G D G D And we'll do the best we can A G D With faces on a screen A Bm But it's more gigantic G D Than the whole Atlantic Bm D G And any other ocean in beween A Bm Not the love I have chosen G D But the love that has chosen me D Dsus2 G D Dsus2 G So I'll keep the homefires burning darling waiting for your return D Dsus2 G And soon enough the time will come to pack my bags and take my turn D Dsus2 But no amount of sky any water stands between the bricks and mortar G Where my true love's flesh and bones, that will always be my home D Dsus2 G D G D And we'll make our own mistakes A G D Just like everyone does A Bm You can take your chances, G D I don't have the answers Bm D G But we'll work it out as we go on because A Bm It's the love we have chosen, G D it's the love that has chosen us D Dsus2 G D G So just let me know when you land okay

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