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Rosanna Chords

Gordon Lightfoot

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by IronPower4Ever

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Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: D  C  D  Am 

verse 1: 
        D              Am 
Rosanna makes my day begin  
                  G        C           A 
With kisses for a king and coffee on a silver tray  
    G                  D 
She sees the shape I'm in  
       Am             G      F 
And if she would ever break away  
    Am             D 
I'd follow close behind her  
         Am           G  F     G 
'Cause Rosanna, yes Rosanna  
        Am       D  C  D  Am 
Rules my heart 

verse 2: 
        D                 Am 
Rosanna knows the times I keep  
              G             C                A 
A fire softly glows and the shadows lick the walls  
    G               D 
She knows when I'm asleep  
    Am                 G               F 
The dinner's served at eight o'clock on time  
    Am             D 
And all is well by nine  
         Am           G  F     G 
'Cause Rosanna, yes Rosanna  
Rules my heart 

Instrumental: D  Am  D  Am   C F 

verse 3: 
        D                Am 
Rosanna moves across the floor  
                      G          C               A 
Her perfume fills the air as she walks beside my easy chair  
  G                         D 
I touch her hand once more  
    Am          G      F 
And I may never sleep again  
  Am               D 
I like the bag she put me in 

verse 4: 
Rosanna knows the ways of a man  
                  G             C                A 
But not the way I feel, I don't really care what happens now  
     G               D 
It's catch me if you can  
       Am            G              F      Am 
For no matter what occasion should arise  
She likes to sympathize  
         Am           G  F   G 
'Cause Rosanna, yes Rosanna  
  Am G  F 
  Am G  F      G 
        Am       D   C   D   Am 
Rules my heart 

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