Cologne Cerrone Houdini Chords


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by happiness

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Cologne Cerrone Houdini

  		A                 G               A             G 
Moments of perfection, idle in the sunshine 
A                  G         E  
Over there in yonder in another world 
A                                             Em  A                                                                        Em 
I?m not your kind, I?m not your girl, dreams we had seemed bright and passed the time 
Driving over state side, left the smoke behind us 
Could we be together in another world 
I?m not your kind, I?m not your girl, see I?m in your car but not your life 
A Em 
Cologne Cerrone Cerrone Houdini, Cerrone Houdini 
A G 
Sunlight in your eyes like diamonds in your hair 

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