Gnarles Barkley

Going On

Gnarles Barkley

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Going On

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Great song, played in a very choppy manner, listen to the album for the rythm and vocal timing subtleties. this is my very first tab ever, and i'm almost certain many will nto like htese chords for teh song, but the way i play it, it works ok. you kind of let the vocals do a lot of the work and let the chords changes get that off beat kick that gives the song that very choppy quality. Upon reflection the A at the start of each line sounds good as an Em too, maybe you can switch up between the two depending on the line, or the vocal emphasis to create some more variation, i'm sure it would sound better that way :D MELIKES i hope you do too! corrections are welcome, and probably necessary, hit me up at weevilman_AT_live_DOT_COM SHAMIZZLE THE SHA-DAM-DIZZLE!
I?ve Aseen it with my own Geyes How we?re gettin? otherDwise Without the luxury of Aleavin? AThe touch and feeling of Gfree is Untangible technicalDlly Something you?ve got to beliAeve in AConnect the cause and efGfect One foot in front of the Dnext This is the start of a jouArney. AAnd my mind is already goGne And though there are other unknDowns Somehow this doesn?t concAern me. And you can stEmand right there if you want But I?m going Emon G And I?m prepDared to go it alAone I?m going Emon G To a place in the sDun that?s nice and wAarm I?m going oEn And I?m sGure they?ll have a plDace for you toAo oohoohoo Em Anyone that needs what they want, and doesn?t want what they need I want nothing to do with And to do what I want And to do what I please Is first of my to-do list But every once in a while I think about her smile One of the few things I do miss But baby I?ve got to go Baby I?ve got to know Baby I?ve got to prove it And I?ll see you when you get there But I?m going on And I?m prepared to go it alone I?m going on May my love lift you up to the place you belong I?m going on And I promise I?ll be waiting for you oohoohoo

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chords Gnarles Barkley - Going On chords Gnarls Barkley - Going On
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