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Em                  C           Am       Em 
She curls up like a ball at the sound of thunder 
F#m         Am               Em 
The distant guns are closing fast 
Em                  C           Am       Em 
Her body's hard as stone as her heart is tender 
F#m         Am        Em 
Forget your past, Manuela 

Em   C   Am  Em 
F#m  Am  E 

Em             C                      Am       Em 
She finds the strength to heal in her darkest hour 
F#m         Am               Em 
Confronting soldiers as she sleeps 
Em      C                      Am         Em 
Her solitude is bold, but she fights for comfort 
F#m               Am         Em 
With a friend she keeps, Manuela 

Am            B         C          Em 
Run from the night and emerge into day 
Am            B            F#m  Em 
Banish those demons as you pull away 
Am           B         C            Em 
Weakened by flight but empowered by will 
Am                           B 
To live and breathe a newer day 

Em                   C               Am       Em 
She cries out with a plea from those burning embers 
F#m           Am           Em 
That took her little girl away 
Em                  C       Am       Em 
Standing shoulder deep in a town of rubble 
F#m        Am         Em 
Alive but trapped, Manuela 

Am        B          C        Em 
Lost in a world of unending design 
Am         B               F#m    Em 
We cannot find the path to travel on 
Am         B         C               Em 
All I can offer this brave battered soul 
Am (let ring)                B 
Is a weathered hand to rest upon 

Em           C            Am        Em 
The fires of Guernica are ablaze forever 
F#m          Am            Em 
Behind those dark devoted eyes 
Em           C             Am                   Em 
Your day of rest will come when the shells stop falling 
F#m         Am        Em 
From angry skies, Manuela 

F#m               Am         Em 
I'll tend to your heart, Manuela 

F#m         Am       Em 
Forget your past, Manuela 

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