Glenn Packiam

Far Better

Glenn Packiam

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Far Better


G         D/F#           Em 
Far better is to be with You 
Even for a day 
          G             D/F# 
Than to live a thousand years 
             Em                       C 
And to never see one glimpse of Your face 
       G  D/F# G  D/F# Em 
As for me I want to be 
G/B      C 
Close to You 
       G    D/F# G   D/F# 
All my days I want to live 
Em   G/B      C 
In Your house 

G So take me C Em Make Your home in my heart A/C# Wash away these guilty stains C D Make me like You are G Surround me C Em Closer than the air that I breathe C Because You have loved me G/B Am7 G/B D I want to be G A friend of God
Music and lyrics by Glenn Packiam © 2003 Vertical Worship Songs CCLI# 4084574

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