Glen Packiam

Everlasting God

Glen Packiam

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Everlasting God

             Bm       A       D 
One thing I know that I have found 
                  Bm     A       D 
Through all the trouble that surrounds 
            Bm         A     G                em 
You are the rock that never fails, you never fail 

             Bm       A     D 
One thing I know that I believe 
               Bm      A    D 
Through every blessing I receive 
             Bm   A        G                 em   A 
You are the only one that stays, You always stay 

G D You never change, your still the same G A D you are the everlasting God G D You will remain after the day is gone G A D And things of earth have passed G A Bm A D G Everlasting God (2x last time through)

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