Dancing In The Dark


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Dancing In The Dark

	  		Dancing in the dark (Gítabel) 

    |Bm        |          |D     G   |F#m       |          | 
    |A         |          |E         |          | 

verse 1 
Bm                    D 
   I?m all alone (in this quite dark) 
      G        F#m 
Your absence?s all around 
And I could feel just fine 
If it wasn?t for myself 

verse 2 
Bm                                     D 
   As I meander now, thrill slowly digs 
     G      F#m 
N? I do not know this place 
You slowly fade away 
I just gotta face this fear 

Chorus 1 
G            Bm              D       E 
   I?m right into the flood again 
G            D       C       E 
   A mess into the flood 
G            Bm         D                 E 
   Need no scar from... a bird of prey affair 
G                 D     F#m 
   No border to cross ahead 

Guitar Solo 
4/4 |Bm        |          |A         |F#m       | 
    |A         |F#m       |Bm        |          | 
    |Bm        |          |A         |F#m       | 
    |A         |F#m       |Bm        |          | 
Dancing alone in the dark, alone in the dark 

Chorus 2 
G            Bm                 D       E 
   I?m right into the flood with you 
G            D       C       E 
   A mess into the flood 
G                Bm           D              E 
   I don?t need you to leave...  no marks behind 
G                  D     F#m 
   But memories passing by 

verse 3 
Bm                     D 
   Waiting for 
      G      F#m 
Your cancer when you?re down 
Time and time again 
   Hope I won?t just lose my head 

verse 4 
Bm                                   D 
   I waited for you just all I could 
      G       F#m 
For questions yet unsolved 
Dark outside?s just fine for us 
 E                                       Bm 
    Don?t wanna feel no limits at all 

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