Ghost Mice

Witches And Warlocks

Ghost Mice

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Witches And Warlocks

	  		thanks pix board user kyle 

Chords Mostly: D G A 

I'm tracing pentagrams with chalk onto my floor  
i'm lighting candles cookin' curses casting spells to bring a storm  
that will cloud up over bloomington, and make black the midwest sky  
i'm pushing pins into the map to mark the points for lightning strikes  
may the ashes of the university make their way out to the sea  
and may the bones of the invaders mix with the bricks of burned buildings  
we will make them into to mortar and we will build this town again  
i'm calling on dark forces to take me back to bloomington  
we'll dig some holes and plant some seeds and grow trees  
back in the park so the bums will have some shade to drink  
and a place to sleep when it gets dark nick will get his job  
back when we re-open the Vonlee we'll watch movies and eat popcorn  
but this time we won't have to sneak we'll make music in our basements  
we'll play 4-square in the streets we'll carve hexes in our our highways  
to ward off the wicked beasts and this time we'll keep our city 
safe we'll keep our city sweet we'll keep our city free one by one  
and block by block we watched it slip away the towers of our enemies  
grew taller everyday until at last i cast away and tried to find some better place  
but it's wings are wide and cast it's shadow down on everything  
so i'm praying to the lord and every other god i know to give me a flaming sword  
and some extra lightning bolts and the power to destroy the ones  
who took our town away and the strength we need to build it back  
into something great and this time we'll keep our city safe... 
and sam will come back from california and she will know just what we need to do  
and all the cool kids that i've met in all the places that i've went  
will hear the booming of the battle and come too  
and we'll make this place into the greatest place there's ever been all we want  
is a place to live the kind of lives to want to live  
so i'm rubbing every lantern that i find and i'm chasing every rainbow that i see  
i'm searching the clovers trying to find one with four leaves  
anything that could grant one wish to me x2  
and portland will not save you and olympia will fall too  
and gainesville will surrender someday  
and i know bloomington will never be the same  
bloomington will never be the same 

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