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33 Chords

Get Well Soon

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by IronPower4Ever

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     F                   C           Em 
You probably pictured it differently 
     Am     G           D/F# 
Than rusty VWs all your life 

   F                          C          Em 
At one point almost married a butcher 
   Am         G           D/F# 
So solid, so grounded, a craftsman, you thought 

Chorus F Em Now solving crosswords in bed F Em F G Leave the light on, there?s no one that minds
Verse F C Em ?08 you stopped wearing make-up Am G D/F# You?re sick just thinking about Bangladesh F C Em Your green batik dress doesn?t fit you no more Am G D/F# That?s a shame cause batik?s coming back
Chorus F Em Now faint-hearted dance moves in the bathroom F Em F G You and a mirror, the two of you
Verse F C Em One year you dated a professor Am G D/F# On the third date he told you he liked peeing games F C Em You always wanted to paint or to emigrate Am G D/F# But the hassle and the errands just fucked it all up
Chorus F Em Grandma?s still sending you money F Em F G For one decent dinner, no +1
Verse F C Em Petrarca wrote 300 sonnets Am G D/F# All for a woman that didn?t exist F C Em On the way home you cried in the taxi Am G D/F# Love is an awful enemy, my dear
Chorus F Em This year you are 33 F Em F G But when you cry you still look 16

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