Gerard Way


Gerard Way

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e--------------------| B--------2-----------| G--------3-----------| D--------2-----------| A--------------------| E--------------------|
Intro: D-A-G-A-G-A D A G Does anyone have the time to bring me down? A G A And kiss me all night long D To the drums of the city rain A G Just make it out A G A 'Cause I'm awake all night long D A G To the drums of the city rain. Does anyone have the chance to pick me up? A G A D A G I can't sleep on your couch to the sound of the aching pain oh-in my head A G A 'Cause i'm awake all night long, I hear the drums of the city rain D A G A G A Oh I cannot chase the lights we steal, the things i would take to make us feel D A G I won't hold back, don't think I will, A G A D I won't sleep tonight as long as I still hear the drums of the city rain E7 9 D E7 D-A D Bridge: As the night goes light(?)..................

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