George Fox

First Comes Love

George Fox

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First Comes Love

	  		Intro....Dm  C   G      Dm  C   G        Am  F  G     Am  F  G 
Am           F            G          Am   F    G   
I'm a simple man living a complex life 
       Am             F                         G            Am  F    G 
I did a whole lot of things all wrong before I learned them right 
     Am           F                         G             Am  F    G 
The first time I felt like a man was in the eye of a storm 
Am           F                    G            Am  F    G  
Watching the woman I love feeding our first born 
      F        Dm               F    
Cho.. Knowbody knows about the here and after 
      Am           G        F 
      What really does and doesn't matter 
          Am         G            F                 Dm (NC) 
      The questions tough but the answer's simple enough........ 
                     Am  F   G              Am  F  G 
      First comes love,       first comes love.... 
       Am    F                           G           Am   F  G               
Take a good long look at her body, she's built by God... 
       Am           F                      G          Am  F  G 
Sent a charge right through my soul like a lightning rod... 
     Am        F                   G          Am  F   G 
But time has a way of beating down passions flame 
     Am        F                   G             Am  F  G  
It comes on strong & wild, then it get's real tame 
inst....Dm C G     Dm C G      Am F G   Am F G   Am F G   Am F G   

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