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Old Bones Chords

George Burns

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by Gary747

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Old Bones

	  OLD BONES (George Burns)  

    C     C#dim         Dm7       G7  
Old bones inside an old raincoat  

    Dm7   G7        G   C      C7  
Old bones inside of old shoes  

    F              Fm          C     Gm7     A7  
Old friends at the hotel, Come by to wish me well  

    D7                                G7  
And keep me up to date on all the old news  

    C       C#dim       Dm7       G7  
Sometimes I have an old whiskey  

    Dm7   G7       G  C      C7  
And fall asleep in my chair  

    F                Fm        C       Gm7    A7  
And dream that Iím a man, Much younger than I am  

  D7                                     G7  
I bet youíd think by now that I wouldnít care  


    C      C#dim                   Dm7   G7  
But I love life, Iíd like to do it again  

         Dm7               G7                  C     C7  
Though I might not be much more than Iíve ever been  

        F                  Fm              
Just to have the chance to turn back the hands  

    C      Gm7  Am  
And let my life begin  

   D7        G7            C  
Oh yeah, Iíd like to do it again  

     C    C#dim         Dm7    G7  
Itís time for takiní it easy  

     Dm7  G7  G         C      C7  
Itís time for takiní it slow  

    F                   Fm            C        Gm7    A7  
Old bones donít move so fast, As they once did in the past  

    D7                               G7  
Now if I have to run, I simply donít go  

Repeat Chorus  


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