Be Yourself


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Be Yourself

	  		Fm | Bbm 
(the whole song is like this!) 

Fm | Bbm 

(Gotta be yourself and no one else) 
You got to be yourself 
And no one else 
(Gotta be yourself and no one else) 
Yes you got to be yourself 

Fm | Bbm 

Every man got intention 
And every man got his own potential 
A cool head is essential 
Cause babylon will put on a sentence 
You got what it takes 
Inside, that's where your true self abides 
Put on your brakes 
Never hide, why you always living outside 

Chorus 1: 
Fm | Bbm 

A no time deh 
Fi go join dem 
Jah rastafari say fi seek and you shall find Him 
No time deh 
Fi we go join dem 
You follow babylon you end up ina problem 

Fm | Bbm 
Well nuff a dem out deh sell dem soul because of vanity 
Me see dem a search but can not find fi dem identity 
Cause their identity is coming from the nozzle of dem gun 
But I and I identity is coming from the nyabingi drum 

Chorus 2: 
Fm | Bbm 

If a who you are 
You think seh dad nuh good enough 
Then you find the life seh outta road it well rough 
And if a what you are 
You think deh dad nuh good enough 
Member fi go meditate in god you hafi trust 

Fm | Bbm 
Left the devil works man a nuh you fi dad 
Six foot under ground fi all who want to go pennie that 
Tears I cry fi da one ya who want follow that 
Children of the almighty god dem a no idiot 

Chorus 1 
Fm | Bbm 

In this world full of fake and fraud 
Got to deh pon your toes 
You can't drop your guard 
And if you ever let dem ina your yard 
You hafi bawl out oh lord 

Fm | Bbm 
Seh the time gets ruggy and the going gets steep 
As you stand up as a soldier man you can't get weak 
Your duty is to provide for the week 
We trodding down Selassie-I-Street 

Fm | Bbm 
Never get a weak when you back against the wall 
You know seh kingdom rise and you know seh kingdom fall 
Member how we push down the Jericho Wall 
Listen to Jah words no badda sit down and a stall 

Chorus 2 
Fm | Bbm 

Chorus 1 
Fm | Bbm 

Chorus 2 
Fm | Bbm 

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