Gene & Debbie


Gene & Debbie

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	  		Intro: Eb * F7 * Ab6 * Bb 

 Eb                                     G  
Hey boy, to me you're just a playboy 
Never mean a word you say, boy 
                           G#               Bb 
I'm so afraid you'll go away and leave me lonely 
 Eb                                 G 
Why girl do you believe a lie girl 
Why can't you see you're my world 
Believe me when I say to you 
I love you only 
 Gm      C                           F   
I never knew that love could hurt me like this 
      Eb                                 C#       Bb7 
Till you came along with your kiss 
          Eb                   C 
Then I fell under your spell 
                      G#                        Bb                         
Knowing quite well that you would only hurt me 
 Eb                                       G 
Gee girl why can't I make you see girl 
Just what you mean to me girl 
                                    G#          Bb 
Then you would know I'd never go away without you 
 Eb                                 G 
Oh boy I wish that I could know boy 
If what you say is so boy 
                            G#                         Bb 
Then I would never care what they may say about you 
 Gm     C                           F  
I never knew that love could hurt me like this 
     Eb                                   C#       Bb7  
Till you came along with your kiss 
          Eb                      C  
Then I fell knowing quite well 
                               G#                   Bb 
That someone would tell you I would only hurt you 
 Eb                                             G 
Hey now does it matter what they say now 
Gonna love you anyway now 
If you and I would try together 
 Bb                   Eb      G# 
I know we'll find love 
 Bb          Eb  
We'll find love (x3 fade on last) 

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