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Capo on 2nd fret
Intro G 

Primeira Parte 

I dont need no introduction 
Just point me some directions 

Got to get myself straight back into the wild 
Have no fear for the abductions 

Only sad about corruption 

But you dont need a lot of things to make me smile 
           Am              C             G 
And I dont want no trouble back into my life  

Segunda Parte 

And I can see all this assumptions 

Getting trought our afections 

It is ok but I dont want it all the time 
So lets go dance along the subway 

Sing along if you are with me 

All we need is sitting here on our own side 
        Am               C            G 
I dont need no glory to celebrate my fights 
             Am          C             G 
So come with me my lover live a simple life 

Terceira Parte 

All im saying is no treason 

To runaway without permission 

Dont be afraid go out and seek now who you are 

So come with me brothers and sisters 

Love is all we need to bring with 

I just want a better place for you and i 

Am     C       G 
uuuuuh uuuuuh  uuu 
Am     C       G 
uuuuuh uuuuuh  uuu 
             Am          C             G 
So come with me my lover live a simple life 

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