Gary Sadler

Almighty God

Gary Sadler



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Almighty God


||: Fsus4 -`F | Fsus4 - `F | Bb     | Gm    :|| 

VERS 1: 
                       C                                             Gm 
Almighty God  Bright and glorious one 
                                   Dm          Bb                       F 
Clothed in majesty  Shining like the sun 
                           C                                              Dm 
The angels cry  Creation bows to You 
                                              G                               Bb 
Before Your throne is the roar of singing  (Halleluja) 


                              C                         Dm                                
Almighty is our God   Evermore to rain 
                         Bb                                   F 
Worthy of all praise and glory 
                            C                                  Dm 
Almighty is our King  Name above all names 
                               Bb                       Gm 
Everything with breath cry holy 

Almighty is our God 


VERS 2: 

Oh Jesus Christ  Lamb of sinner´s slain 

You tasted death for us   But rose in power again 

And You will come  And every knee will bow 

before Your will be millions singing 



Dm   F       Bb   Gm      Dm        F           Bb    Gm 
Holy Holy Holy Holy   Worthy worthy is our God              x2 

Chorus x2 

Outro (Intro) 

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