Gary Barlow

This House

Gary Barlow

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This House

Capo on 2nd fret

"This House" 

C                      G 
This house, built from stone 
Bricks and mortar  
Love and hope 
 C         G 
Voices, children cry  
Parents teach us  
Wrong from right  
 C                        G 
What makes your heart ache  
C                   D               C 
What makes us thankful for every day  
It's always the brightest light  
C                             D 
That takes you home each night  

C               G         D 
Open the doors and windows  
C                            G    D 
Whole world inside these four walls  
More than a building  
Floor to the ceiling  
A picture of love  
That's this house  

Peaceful, home sweet home 

Stuff needs fixing but nothing's broke  

Full hearts, passing time  

So glad this place is  

Yours and mine  

What makes you soul warm  

What makes us be the people we've become  

It's always the brightest light  

That takes you home each night  

Repeat Chorus x2 
These walls  
Full of heart  
Brothers, sisters  
Play their part  
From innocence to teenage fights  
Christenings, weddings  
This is life  
Repeat Chorus 
That's this house 

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