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The One Chords

Gary Allan

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The One

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	  Transcribed By: Larry Mofle 

G  G/F#  Em                Bm
No rush though I need your touch 
C       G         D
I won't rush your heart 
G         G/F# Em       Bm
Until you feel on solid ground 
C          G           D 
Until your strength is found, girl 
G (walk up into) C I'll fill those canyons in your soul G Like a river lead you home (walk up) C And I'll walk a step behind Bm In the shadows so you shine C Just ask it will be done (Walk down) Am D And I will prove my love G Until you're sure that I'm the one
Somebody else was here before He treated you unkind And broken wings need time to heal Before a heart can fly, girl Chorus Bridge: Am Trust in me D Bm C And you'll find a heart so true Am C D All I wanna do is give the best of me to you G And stand beside you

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