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Before The Night Is Over Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by adrianomarto

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Before The Night Is Over

Intro: (A F#m A E) 

                        A                      F#m                   E 
Some take their hope, and hide it away 

                     A                                F#m          E 
It burns in the darkness, like gold in a grave 

                          A                          F#m          E 
There's a spark inside, that can't be concealed 

                     A                            F#m          E 
No hurt is so secret that it won't be healed 

A Before the night is over D E Make your heart an open door F#m D Then all we hold inside us A Won't divide us any more A Before the night is over D E And the time we have is done F#m Before our courage fades away D E Let our hearts be bound as one
A F#m A E A F#m E I've lost my way, when nothing is clear A F#m E I've been afraid to love, then I hurt what I fear A F#m E I can face the night, find strength in your eyes A F#m E not afraid to fall, not afraid to rise Chorus Chorus repeat and fade

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