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Dirty Old Man Chords


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by Nick+D

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Dirty Old Man

  		Intro {6X}: 

	E     (E7)    A  (G) E 
	/ / /  / / /  / . /  / 

Verse 1 (Chorus echoes each line except as noted): 

	 E                   A         E 
	Hangin' out by the schoolyard gate 
	 E                 A      E 
	Lookin' up every dress I can 
	Suckin' wind through my upper plate 
	 E     A         E 
	I'm a dirty old man (dirty old man, dirty old man) 

	({1} you f*ckin' dirty old man   {2} disgusting!) 

Verse 2: 

	Handin' out joints to the kids at school 
	Givin' out pictures and porn and pills 
	Fillin' the front of my shirt with drool 
	I'm a dirty old man (dirty old man, dirty old man) 

	({2} ya prevert!) 

Verse 3: 

	Nervously wiggling my toes in my boots 
	Communist literature in my hands 
	Pinchin' all the bosoms I can 
	I'm a dirty old man (dirty old man, dirty old man) 

	({2} you!) 

{instrumental break over verse chords} 

Recitation (over two repeats of verse chords) 

	{cackle} Hello, kiddies, here I am again on the ol' schoolyard!  I 
	got *thrill pills* for all the little chickies, and I got *funny 
	cigarettes* for all you boys {sniff}, and I got *dirty pictures* for 
	all of you together!  Well, I guess I better go, I see the campus 
	cop's coming... I better split now.  Remember Leon Trotsky! {cackle} 

{repeat verses 1-3} 


	 A     B         E 
	I'm a dirty old man 


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