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Capo on 1st fret


Em            C 
Wait till the morning 
     Em                 C 
I believe your time has come 
Em          G                 Am              D      D/F# 
I'll hold a candle so you can see where you belong 
Em         C 
Love is so strong 
        Em                 C 
it will leave you lying in tears 
Em         G                  Am              D      D/F# 
Fate has a way of showing you through all the years 

Bm                        Am      G 
Even though your house is made of stone 
The wolves will still get in 

As you wander through the world 
     G             F        D 
Just carry all the words to heart 

Em           C 
Trust in yourself 
           Em            C 
take the chances as they come 
Em            G             Am       D      D/F# 
Pride makes a man more than fearless 
Em            C 
Take all your steps  
                 Em                    C 
like they're the last ones that you'll see 
For this life is here to live 
         G                     Am       D      D/F# 
remember all you give is never-ending 

Bm                        Am      G 
No don't walk a thousand miles begins 
with only one step 

As you wander through the world 
     G             F        D 
Just carry all the words to heart 

C            G#m             F 
                Like the seasons of your life 
C            G#m        G 
You'll regress in no disguise 

As you wander through the world 
     G             F        D 
Just carry all the words to heart 

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