Frank Black

All My Ghosts

Frank Black

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All My Ghosts

verse 1 
Eb     Ab               C               Ab 
  If I could live to be several hundred 
Eb        Ab              C 
  I could take a walk and really wander 
Ab     Bb      
Really wander 
Eb    Bb Ab                           F   
  All my ghosts on every sea in every land 
C         Ab  
Who needs that now? (3x) 

verse 2 
Eb         Ab              C                Ab      
  Have you heard about the heavenly angels (oh ohh oh) 
Eb         Ab                C 
  How they came to earth and met some ladies 
     Ab        Bb     
With whom they mated? 
Eb    Bb    Ab                        F 
  And their young became giants every one 
C         Ab             Eb F 
Who needs that now? (3x) 

  I was driving across the valley floor 
  Going past a scene of gore 
  Something that had ended here                 
Eb                       Bb        
  Then I stopped in at a porno store 
  And I found among the pictures there 
  A vision that was very fair 
  Just a moment from yesteryear 
Eb                      Bb 
  All I could do was stare 

(same rhythm and chords as the verse and Chorus) 

verse 3 
Eb        Ab             C            Ab      
  I had a date for the eleventh hour (oh ohh oh) 
Eb       Ab                 C 
  And we took a tour of The Seven Horrors 
Ab        Bb       
Plus just one more 
Eb     Bb  Ab                      F 
  Hank the Eighth was a duplicated man 
C         Ab 
Who needs that now? (3x) 


The C in this song could be played C minor at times. I heard a live version  
where it sounded as if Frank was alternating between C major and C minor. 

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