Fraggle Rock


Fraggle Rock

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(verse 1) 

C                                    G6 
Hey! Nothin' wrong with here! 
I could begin to cheer 
When I get lonesome, 
Knowin' my home's somewhere  

C                         G6 
Yay! All I want is home! 
Even though I may roam, 
It'll be waitin' 
It'll be great to come 

G7 Home! It's where your heart keeps goin' Am Home! It's what your head keeps knowin' F6/9 Home! It's what your dreams keep showin' F2 G All of the things that make you sing of...
(verse 2--repeat chords for verse 1) Wow! Time to build a nest! Time to recall what's best! Home for a hallway, Home for a crawlway and-- Now! Tell it once again! Blessedness came again! Comfort and good times, We're singin' the next line in... (Chorus--sing it once, then again, and add this at the end of the second time:) F6/9 Home! It's what your dreams keep showin' F2 G All of things that make it seem like F2 G Anything could make you long for home!

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