Foy Vance

Regarding Your Lover

Foy Vance

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Regarding Your Lover

	  		C F C F 

C           G 
I was tired of 
You telling me your leaving 
       C       G        Am     F 
Every time it came to blows 
C           G 
It's not enough 
    Am              F 
To say it when you mean it 
          C         G       Am     F     G 
And then pack your bags and go 
            Am         F   C    G 
And It was hard to be jealous 
        Am          F          C          G 
I'm supposed to be having the time of my life 

Now let me say 
F                               G 
I would rather have you than vaporize 
By your lunar reflection in the sky 

Love to be be girl? 
But it's over now? 

I just never dreamed it could come to that 

Darling I'm not angry 
I'm just a little bit confused 
Well she just chose the jokes and the quotes of others 
Though her eyes know nothing true 
But still yet as you lie there, 
         G              C      G 
May she find you in her arms 
Has a killer soul, a burning coal, 
It is both hard to hold, hard to put down 
That's the way I held you 
       G                    Am    F 
Though I never will again 
            C               F 
Yours faithfully friend 

C F C F C F 

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