Oh No 2


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Oh No 2

Key:  Gm More
Oh No 2 Key DmDm
Oh No 2 Key D#mD#m
Oh No 2 Key EmEm
Oh No 2 Key FmFm(one step down)
Oh No 2 Key F#mF#m(half step down)
Oh No 2 Key GmGm(original key)
Oh No 2 Key G#mG#m(half step up)
Oh No 2 Key AmAm(one step up)
Oh No 2 Key A#mA#m
Oh No 2 Key BmBm
Oh No 2 Key CmCm
Oh No 2 Key C#mC#m

F         Am        Eb            Gm   
Standing on the moon, I saw you, love 

Gm F Eb 

Eb                 F 
Do you think we'll be somebody? 

F              Am    Eb                  Gm    
Just standing all alone right in front of me 

Gm F Eb 

Eb                  Bb 
Do you think we'll see? 

La, la, la, la 

Oh no 

F       Am        Eb 
I'm not one for love nowadays 

Gm        Gm F Eb 
But anyway 

Eb              F 
I see your face is so fake 

F         Am      Eb 
Justin is on the phone 

Eb                Gm  Gm F Eb 
Right in front of me 

Eb                 Bb 
Do you think we'll be? 

Eb            Bb 
La, la, la, la 

Bb                  Cm 
(I was standing on the bed (on the bed) 

D                        Eb     Eb Dm Cm Bb 
Birds were landing on my head   (ah-ah-ah-ah) 

Bb                      Cm 
Even though it's just a dream (just a dream) 

D                          Eb       F 
I still don't know what it means) 

(NC)      Gm 
Oh no... 

This next part is somewhat difficult to tab, as there are no lyrics to refer to in regards to getting 
the timing down. This is the best I could do -- the number in the parentheses is the  
number of beats/counts 
that you should play that chord for: 

Gm  Eb  Bb  D Bb 

On the last time through the progression, instead of going to Gm, (and using open chords), go to: 

G (let it ring) 
         C              D 
If you believe in love 

D              G        E 
Everything you see is love 

    F     G        C             A 
So try to be what God wants you to be 

    F            G 
And say that "I love you" 


C B F C (2x)  

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Half key step downHalf key step down
Full key step downFull key step down
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