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Women Chords


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by colonel+mike

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A                               E      A                               E      
Women behind bars         Women in fast cars 
A                             E      A                                       E      
Women in distress         Women with no dress 
A                                  E     A                                          E      
Women in aeroplanes        Women who play games 
A                              E 
Women in uniform     
         A                                                 E 
See that woman with her clothes torn 
A                                E      A                                 E       
Women who satisfy          Women you can't buy 
A                                          E    A                                         E                                  
Like women in magazines        And women in a limousine 
A                                            E        A                                    E        
Women who sip champagne         Women who feel no pain 
A                              E 
Women in a disco    
        A                                      E                   
and women who don't wanna know, know, know 

B                                                   C                       G             
Oh women wanting sympathy    Women feeling ecstasy 
A                                                 B                                          E 
Women who live in fantasies    Bringing man to his knees 

A                                    E    A                                           E 
Women who fall in love        Women who need a shove 
A                                        E 
women who can't be beat     
A                                                      E 
Get that woman in the back seat, yeah, yeah 
A                                 E      A                                                      E    
Women in the U.S.A.        Those women steal your heart away 
A                                   E 
Women into rock 'n' roll    
A                          E 
Women who steal the show, go, go, go 

Women that you write songs about     
C                                             G 
Women that turn around and kick you out 
Women you dream about all your life     
B                                                                                   E 
Women that stab you in the back with a switchblade knife 
E            VAMP 
Oh women, ooh, ooh    Talk about women 

Around the world    Yeah women   oh naughty girls    

Talkin' 'bout women    C'mon baby 


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