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Never win Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by happiness

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Never win

  		Am F G 
I don?t need to need you, tell me what to do, tell me what to say 
Don?t you wanna help me, tell me what to do, help me find a way 
If I was not me I would hate me too just like you do 
I don?t need to need you. tell me what to do, tell me what to say 
It?s all made worse by a simple scheme, you?re slipping away from me 
Can?t decide sometimes if it?s worth the point, the point is the struggle insecurity 
And it?s the desperation to hold on to, something that can?t be held on to 
So, don?t waste your time filling up my words, don?t tell me why assume the worst 
C G F 
Hopefully you make no mistake, if you learn from what you?ve got to take 
C G F                                                             E 
Good or bad it?s all gonna add up in the end, but you can never win 
Am F G 
Don?t thank me, don?t tell me how, don?t break me down, don?t help me make it 


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