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Capo on 5th fret


I have found, I'm who I am,  
(by) holding you, closer than, 
anything, other than 
what I held, closer than 

Cmaj7 - Gadd9/B - Am - Em 


C Em 
They say It's a tall tale, G D/F# 
A knot in the clouds. X2 Em Am C 
It's nothing more than nothing is in some ones eyes. D/F# G D/F# Em 
But, nothing less than nothing is in yours. 
G D/F# E 
nothing is in yours. 

C G A voice cried out, the wilderness Em D/F# There you were, a bolt from the blue C G I stationed my net and assisted you Em D/F# You taught me how to tread on the blue
BRIDGE C Em Even If I'm falling on stony ground Am D/F# Or if I stumble in the thorns G D/F# E I'll be planted in the soil C D/F# bring a hundredfold C - Em - G - D/F# x2 Am - C - Em - D/F# (2x)

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