Fiersa Besari


Fiersa Besari

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	  		Fiersa Besari - Lads 

Intro: C Bm Em D (2x) 

       C           Bm        Em   D 
If the world's too harsh for you 
           C       Bm      Em   D 
If there's nowhere else to go 
        C      Bm       Em     D 
And you cannot take the burden 
        C       Bm       Em   D 
I'll be here to wake you up 

         Bm  C           D Em 
From the blues, from the loss, 
         Bm               C                 D 
from the pain that always torture you these times 

G Am Bm C We'll be your hand when you cannot reach G Am Bm C We'll be your feet when you cannot walk Em D C D We'll be your eyes when you cannot see Em D C D Embrace your heart as we lead you through the dark
(Intro) C Bm Em D Look into your soul, you'll see C Bm Em D There is nothing to be scared C Bm Em D Like the light and hurricane C Bm There will always be a hope Em D As long as you have faith C Bm Em D We'll be kings of our world C Bm D At the top of our dreams we'll share our smile (Chorus) Interlude: G C Bm C (2x) Bm C G Bm C D (2x) (Chorus) Coda: G

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chords Fiersa Besari - Lads
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