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winter song Chords

Fernando Ortega

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winter song

	  Verse 1: 
G  C/G  G  C/G   
G                    C                        G 
Thrushes stir in the trees, and hide from the moonlight 
                   C            G        B7 
high on the stoney ridge all is still 
    B7/F#          C        Cm                G       A7 
the whole world is waiting, silent as the icy stars 
       C          Dsus      D        G      C/G  G  C/G   
A holy winter, to cheer our darkened hearts 
Verse 2: 
G                   C               G 
Jesus, our Lord and king, born in a stable 
                  C                 G       B7 
wrapped in rags, asleep on a bed of straw 
          B7/F#   C       Cm                     G      A7 
though he is from heaven, still it is enough for him 
                C                  Dsus  D       G      
he who made the mountains and will come again to reign 
Chorus:      G   D/F# 
  Em  D   G             C          D 
O blessed night, bright angels are singing 
    Em D    G                    Em 
for heavens light, is lying in a manger bed 
Bm              Em 
sweet Mary, she kisses his head 
    C            G      C/G   G    C/G     
and sings a lullaby 
Verse 3: 
G                     C              G 
Oh boundless mercy of God, beautiful mystery 
                         C                      G     B7 
that braying donkeys and sheep and birds of the air 
    B7/F#        C      Cm                 G        A7 
and sheperds and sages, all have come this night 
           C      Dsus   D      G       G  D/F# 
to welcome him, Redeemer of the world 
Repeat Chorus and fade out with chords...G  C/G  G  C/G  G 


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