Feng Suave

Maybe Another Time

Feng Suave

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Maybe Another Time

	  		Ab        Fm7        Bbm7     Eb7 
  The sunlight stabs my eyes 
Ab             Fm7             Bbm7       Eb7 
 There's birds perching on the powerlines  
Ab        Fm7            Bbm7     Eb7     
 I wonder if you woke in someone's arms 
             Cm7  Eb7      Ab 
And if you'd ever consider mine 

( Fm7  Bbm7  Eb7  Ab ) 
( Fm7  Bbm7  Eb7 ) 

Ab           Fm7          Bbm7 
 The swaying shades of acacias 
         Eb  Ab            Fm7  
In flower a-rrangements suggest 
Bbm7               Eb         Ab   Fm7 
That it's time for me to be a man 
   Bbm7      Dbm    Cm7 
Or else with what regrets 
      Fm7   Bbm7         Eb 
Would I be left to live forever 

Ab                   Ab7   Ab            C7 
 The sky hangs undisturbed like a static pond 
                        Fm                 Ab7      Ab   Db7M 
Oh world, may you be preserved just as you are when I  return 
Cm7                     Db  C  F#  Ab   Db 
 The scent of evening air  is cinnamon sweet here 
         Dbm7                       Dbm  Ab 
But it's lost on my lungs breathing in 

( Fm7  Bbm7  Ab ) 
( Fm7  Bbm7  Eb7 ) 
( Ab  F   Bbm7  Db║ ) 
( Cm7  Fm7  Bbm7  Eb7 ) 

Ab       Fm7        Bbm7 
 The sunlight stabs my eyes 
(It stabs my eyes) 
Ab             Fm7            Bbm7             Bbm7 
 There's ferns running up the traffic signs outside 
Ab          Fm7          Bbm7  Dbm      Cm    
 I tell the ether all of my desires and she says 
Cm7   Eb      Ab7M 
"Maybe another time" 

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