Falling In Reverse

Listen Up

Falling In Reverse

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Listen Up

Capo on 1st fret

Listen up cause this is not the end 

Your the last thing that crossed my mind 
Relationships are based on trust 

Well I guess this one was based on lies 
Based on lies (3x) 


Listen up to the ones you trust 
           A             Bm 
Just a few by your side (Surprise) 
Give in, everything's going to be alright 
(you've been gone one too many times) 
Now its time for me to go 
Bm               A 
I know, you know the fights are getting old 

D A Bm A This is the last chance I have to say to you D A So sorry but I have to go Bm A Wash my hands of you
Verse 2: D You'll say you will never change A I say that's too bad Bm A I'm sorry for all the things that you and I (could have had) D But it's your fault for all the stupid things A That you and I have done and said Bm The lies, The cries A It's no wonder that you are dead
D A Your honesty is killing me Bm A The page I've read the words that said You still loved me D A You lied to me and you don't see Bm A The things you've said and now your dead And that's alright by me D Listen up cause this is not the end

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