Fabio Cadore

Summer Rain

Fabio Cadore

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Summer Rain

(Fabio Cadore)

Intro:  G  D   

 G                                 D/F# 
I found her on that endless summer rain 
    Em                                 Em/D 
She was sad 'couse her love had gone away 
I want her just for fun 
    Am             D            G     D 
And now I cannot stop loving her 

 G                                   D/F# 
I asked why don't come on to my place? 
     Em                               Em/D 
She said she wasn't just a one-night girl 
I wanted her just for fun 
    Am             D           G      D 
And now I cannot stop liking rain 

Em                  Em/D           C 
I thought love was like a prison cell 
Am                 D 
Drama, fights and foolish 
           G       D 
I can't stand it 

Em               Em/D             C 
With her tender love she conquer me 
Am              D 
Then my armor fell 
Now I am free 

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