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Forever Chords


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by bombaXXX

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	  Eyeshine - Forever 

Standard Tuning 

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Ab Abm B E Ebm F# e|-4---4---2---0---6---2-| B|-4---4---4---0---7---2-| G|-5---4---4---2---8---3-| D|-6---6---4---2---8---4-| A|-6---6---2---1---6---4-| E|-4---4---0---2---x---3-|
Intro: Ab Abm F# Ebm E Abm F# Ebm E If I could describe what I saw in your eyes Abm F# Ebm E B E B Disenchanted scars, a falling sign Abm F# Ebm E Never meant to fail, please don't hate me Abm F# Ebm E B E B In a moment or flash, the world is changing Abm F# Ebm E (These things, they walk my mind Abm F# Ebm E These things I cannot hide) Abm Abm F# Ebm E Oh, I just want you to believe in me, you'll see Abm F# Ebm Why can't you just believe in me? E You'll see Abm B F# B Abm F# Abm I won't let you go F# No, never Abm 'Cause we are F# Forever Abm 'Cause we are F# Forever Abm 'Cause we are F# Forever Abm F# Forever together F# E F# Abm F# B Ebm E Enjoy! -Sace97

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