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Hole Hearted Chords


Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by sassota

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Hole Hearted

	  G# C# 
Ooh yeah wooh 
Hey hey hey hey hey yeah 

Life´s ambition occupy my time 
G#                             C#    
Priorities confuse the mind 
Happiness one step behind 
G#                                      C# 
This inner peace I´ve yet to find 

C#     G#     F#     C# 
Rivers flow into the sea 
    G#       C#            F#      G# 
Yet even the sea is not so full of me 
   C#      G#        F#      C#  
If I´m not blind why can´t I see 
       G#           C#          F#            G# 
That a circle can´t fit where a square should be 
F# There´s a hole in my heart B C# That can only be filled by you And this hole in my heart Can´t be filled with the things I do
Hole hearted (x2) This heart of stone is where I hide These feet of clay kep warm inside Day by day less satisfied Not fade away before I die There´s a hole in my heart That can only be filled by you Should have known from the start I´d fall short with the things I do Hole hearted (x6) Yeah

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