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Intro:  Em D A C Am D G 
         Em          D 
Will you be there beside me, 
         A           C 
if the World falls apart? 
         Am           D 
And will all of our moments, 
    C   D  Em     D 
remain in your heart? 
         Em            D 
Will you be there to guide me, 
 A              C       Am 
all the way through? 
   D             C D Em  D     Am 
I wonder, will you? 
        B        Em 
Walk by my side, 
      D         C       Am 
and follow my dreams, 
                   D        G 
and bear with my pride, 
      D           Em 
as strong as it seems. 
D C                D   B   Em 
oh,  Will you be there Tomorrow ? 
D A C Am D G 
Will you be there beside me, 
if time goes on by 
And be there to hold me, 
whenever i cry 
Will you be there to guide me, 
all the way through, 
I wonder will you? 
Walk by my side 
and follow my dreams 
And bear with my pride 
as strong as it seems. 
Oh, will you be there Tomorrow? 
Em       D            G 
Oh, now will you be there? 
   C              D  B   Em      D A C Am D G 
Oh, will you be there Tomorrow 


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