Ernest Tubb

Rainbow At Midnight

Ernest Tubb

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Rainbow At Midnight

	  		verse 1 
          G       C 
After the war was over 
      G              D7 
I was coming home to you 
G                  C 
I saw a rainbow at midnight 
    G      D7    G 
Out on the ocean blue 
The stares in heaven were shinning 
    G                         D7 
The moon gave it's light from above 

verse 2 
G                      C 
I saw your face in the rainbow 
       G       D7           G 
And it made me think of our love 
We'll build a home in the country 
    G                        D7 
And make all our dreams come true 
G                    C 
There we will make a heaven 
      G          D7     G 
Sweet heart just for we two 

verse 3 
G                    C 
Here we will live so happy 
    G              D7 
And have a baby or two 
G                         C 
We'll name them after the rainbow 
G          D7            G 
Because it reminds me of you 
After this life is over 
        G              D7 
And our jurney here is through 
G                             C 
We'll move to the land of the rainbow 
    G           D7     G 
And live in the star-y blue 

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