Ernest Tubb

Dear Judge

Ernest Tubb

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Dear Judge

Written by Billy Hughes

The divorce had been granted  

    C7          F           C                   G7 
And my wife was seeking the custody of our only son 

           C                     C7           F 
And as our boy told his story we both started crying 

       C            G7          C 
Then I realized the harm we had done 

                                 C7         F 
He said your honor I'm seven and home was a heaven 

   C                    G7 
My dad was a king in my eyes 

   C                   C7        F 
My mother an angel who guided my footsteps 
    C           G7      C 
And home was my one paradise 

    G7                     C 
But I love them both and I can't choose just one 

Dear judge can't you make them see 

     C                    C7          F 
That mom without daddy or dad without mommy 

      C          G7            C 
Would only bring heartbreak to me 

                            C7              F 
Judge I'm so broken hearted my parents have parted 

    C                          G7 
And gone are the dreams I once had 

   C                       C7         F 
To me there's no other can be like my mother 

      C             G7         C 
But I still want to be with my dad 

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