My Love Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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My Love

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VERSE E ----------14------------------12---------------------14------------------10-----------| B ----10-------10----------10------10-----------10--------10----------8-------8---------| G -------11---------(11)-------9----------(9)--------11----------(11)---------------0---| D -12------------12-----11-----------11-------9--------------9----------9-------9-------| A ------------------------------------------------------------------10------------------| E --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E ----------14---------------------12--------------------14-------------14--------| B ----10-------10-----------10--------10-----10----10------10----10----------10---| G -------11----------(11)------------------------------11------------------11-----| D -12-------------12-----------11--------11-----12------------12----12------------| A -----------------------12-------------------------------------------------------| E --------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E ----12--------------| B ----------10--------| G --------------------| D ------11------------| A -12-----------------| E --------------------|
(walk down) B7 Em C C - C/B Falling like the evening sun (walk down) Am D G - G/F# Em And when I'm left to burn out like the stars and broken ones C D My love, It's you I've been thinking of (back to the verse) BRIDGE (quick change) C G D Em D I'm a Jealous guy I hope you realize C D Em Bm That I'll be writing songs about you till I make you mine C Cm D D7 Sorry as it seems I'm still living on dreams about you SHORT Chorus (after harmonica solo) B7 Em C (let ring) You've got me falling like the evening sun

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