Erik Cooper And Nathan Lagrange


Erik Cooper And Nathan Lagrange

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F           G              F              G 
Jesus we exalt Your name, worship You alone 

F                    G                 Am7    Em7 
Laying down Your life, You left your throne 

F                G           F               G 
High and lifted up we raise voices to the King 

F                      G             Am7    C 
Heaven's Child and Lord of everything 

F Am7 Jesus, we enthrone You, high above our praises F Gsus G Jesus, we adore You, precious Lamb of God F Am7 Jesus, how we love You, Lord of endless mercy F Gsus Jesus we exalt You, King of all the earth
Interlude: F Am (repeat as desired) C (to bridge) Bridge: F Am7 You are holy, You are worthy F Gsus G You are Jesus enthroned

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