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Misery Let Me Down Chords

Elliott Smith

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by deivcavalcanti

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Misery Let Me Down


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A6 A* Amaj7 A7 C#|-----------------|-----5-5-----5-4-|-----4-4-------3-| G#|-----2-----2-----|-----2-2-----2-2-|---2-2-2---2---2-| E |---------5-----2-|---2-------2-----|-------------2---| B |---4---4-----4---|-----2-------2---|-----2-------2---| F#|-0---------------|-o-------0-------|-0-------0-------| C#|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A7 D7 F C#|-----3-3-------2-|-----2-2---0-----|-----1-0-------0-| G#|---2-2-2---2-x-1-|---1-1-1-------1-|---1-1---3-1-----| E |-------------x---|-----2-----------|-----2---2---2---| B |-----2-------x---|-0-------0---2---|-3---3---3-------| F#|-0-------0-------|-----------------|-----------------| C#|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A E riff 1 A6 riff2 C#|-0---------0-----|-0-----0----------|----------------| G#|-2-----2---------|-0-0/2-----2-0----|-----2-----2----| E |-2-2-----------x-|-1-----------1--2-|---------5------| B |-----2-------2---|-------------2----|---4---4-----4--| F#|-0-------0-------|------------------|-0--------------| C#|-----------------|-0-------0--------|----------------|
A* Amaj7 The keeper falls asleep in the hole A7 D7 I become what he won't allow F A Because happy never hurt me at all E riff1 A6 riff2 But, misery let me down A* Amaj7 The man the floor above isn't home A7 D7 I go out painting the town F A I promise not to have a ball E riff1 A /B But, misery let me down C/G E If you see, misery Am E Going through the things in my place C/G Won't you do me a favor and E Come invade my space A* Amaj7 I've been pretending to care A7 D7 Crying in the tears of a clown F A I promise not to put on airs E riff1 A6 riff2 But, misery let me down A* Amaj7 A7 D7 F A E riff1 A /B C/G E I'm a shell, in a cell Am E Looking myself in the face ... (G) original tab by betweenthecolorbars (youtube) tab arranged by alexander rex

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