Elliott Murphy


Elliott Murphy

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Intro arpegios Am F Am F Am F Am F Am Am Am e---------------------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------------------| G---------------------------------------------------------------| D---------------------------------------------------------------| A-----------2-0---0-----------------2-0---0---------------------| E-------0-3-----3---------------0-3-----3-----------------------|
Intro: Am F G Am Am F G Am Verse Am F Standing on a mountain, words like a fountain G Am Come and talk to me Am F We could be much clearer, if you'd only come nearer, G Am Oh baby can you see Am F See said I don't wanna hear it, don't you pull me near it, G Am Your male fantasy Am F Now my point you're missing, like the first time we were kissing, G Am That's destiny Am F G Am Am F G Am Oh, oh, oh, destiny Oh, oh, oh, destiny Interlude: Am F G Am Verse Am F Two feet in the ocean, sometimes a great notion G Am Comes over me Am F But when my thoughts are clearer and what once was fear is G Am Pure poetry Am F Thought I was romantic cause I crossed the Atlantic G Am It didn't stop the tide Am F But that's a different story in the search for love and glory G Am There's no place to hide Am F G Am Am F G Am C Oh, oh, oh, destiny Oh, oh, oh, destiny
C E Am She said come here cowboy take off your cowboy hat C E Am I'll be your dog you can caress my cat C E Am F Dm G ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, I like it like that
Interlude: Am F G Am Am F G Am Verse Am F Like the turning of the season, we must accept there is no reason G Am We didn't draw the map Am F Of the emptyness of space, where ever parallels embrace G Am We feel our logic snap Am F Now slow down Ernie, on your Einstein journey G Am Your ivory tower rap Am F Makes bleeding hearts rejoice, thinking you have some choice G Am It's just a lot of crap Am F G Am Am F G Am Oh, oh, oh, destiny Oh, oh, oh, destiny Outro Am F G Am Am F G Am Am Oh, oh, oh, destiny Oh, oh, oh, destiny

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