Ellie Holcomb

Marvelous Light

Ellie Holcomb

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Marvelous Light

	  		verse 1: 

A            Asus     A 
I am not who I once was 
A                   Asus         A 
Defined by all the things I've done 
F#m                 D     A 
Afraid that I might be exposed 
A                 D     F#m 
Afraid of really being known 
     F#m              D              A 
But then you gave my heart a home 

A D A So I walked out of the darkness and into the light D A F#m E From fear of shame into the hope of life A D A Mercy called my name and made a way to fly D F#m Esus E A Out of the darkness and into the light
Interlude: ...A D A A X2 verse 2: A Asus A Years of keeping secrets safe A Asus A Wondering if I could change F#m D A Cos when you're hiding all alone A D F#m Your heart can turn into a stone F#m D A That's not the way I want to go Chorus: Bridge: D A There's no place I'd rather be D Your light is marvelous F#m E Your light is marvelous D A You have come to set us free D You are marvelous F#m E A Your light is marvelous to me La la la: A D A A D E F#m D A A D E

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