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Ella Fitzgerald

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( Antonio Carlos Jobim)

You and I we two 
Alone in this terrace by the sea 
The Sun is going down and in your eyes 
                              Em5-/7         A7/13 
I see the changing color sof the sea 
                    Dm7/9           E7/9- 
It's time for you to go the Day is done 
         Am7+                 Am7 
And shaddows stretch their arms to bring the night 
       A7/13-              D7/9 
The Sun falls in the sea 
                  G7/13                                C7M/9 
And down below a window light we see 
Just you and me  
You and I we two 
Alone here in this bar with dimming lights 
A full and rising moon comes from the sea 
   Em5-/7         A7/13 
And soon the bar will close for you and me  
                   Dm7/9      E7/9- 
But the rewill always be a song 
Am7+          Am7 
To tell a story you and I can not dis miss 
       A7/13-              D7/9 
The same old simple story of desire 
                  G7/13    C7M/9  F7M9 C7M/9 F7M9 
And suddesnly that kiss,that kiss 
C7M/9 F7M9       C7M/9 F7M9 
That kiss, that kiss 

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