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Stuck On You Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Sukaa

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Stuck On You

	  Intro:  G Bm C D7 (2x) 

(1st)Chorus: G Bm Stuck on you C D7 I've got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can't lose G Bm C D7 Girl I'm on my way
G Bm I needed a friend C D7 G And the way I feel now I guess I'll be with you til the end G Bm C D7// Gm Bm C D7 Girl I'm on my way, Mighty glad you stayed
(2nd)Chorus: G Bm I'm stuck on you C D7 Iíve been a fool too long I guess it's time for me to come on home G Bm C D7 Girl I'm on my way
G Bm So hard to see C D7 G That a woman like you could wait around for a man like me G Bm C D7// (lead to Chorus G G7) Girl I'm on my way Mighty glad you stayed. Chorus(1st) Bridge: C D7 G G Girl, I'm leaving on that midnight train tomorrow C D7 G G And I know just where I'm going C D7 Bm Em I've packed up my troubles and I've thrown them all away C D7 'Cause this time Iím leaving. I'm coming home to stay 1st verse Chorus(1st)

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