Edwin McCain


Edwin McCain

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Key:  Asus2 More
Solitude Key Esus2Esus2
Solitude Key Fsus2Fsus2
Solitude Key F#sus2F#sus2
Solitude Key Gsus2Gsus2(one step down)
Solitude Key G#sus2G#sus2(half step down)
Solitude Key Asus2Asus2(original key)
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Solitude Key Csus2Csus2
Solitude Key C#sus2C#sus2
Solitude Key Dsus2Dsus2
Solitude Key D#sus2D#sus2
Asus2         Esus 
Tim he was a good friend 
Yea was a brother of mine 
         Asus2              Esus 
We were imaginary comic book superheroes 
Kids wasting time 
        Asus2          Esus 
We were prisoners of our youth 
We were growing up strong 
Asus2             Esus 
'Til the day he was taken away 
For something he did wrong.. Oh alright.. 
Asus2                 Esus 
Tim came 'round just the other day 
And boy he had some stories to tell 
Asus2                        Esus 
His mama kept him locked up in a rehab 
Although the doctors said he was well 
Asus2                      Esus 
He said yeah I been through the anger 
And the hatred towards my mom 
Asus2              Esus 
And I put all that behind me 
Just tell me what was it like to go to your prom 
Asus2                 Esus 
He said thank you mom for fixing 
My clouded broken mind 
Asus2                   Esus    Dsus 
But excuse me if I seem a little rude 
Asus2                 Esus    Esus/F# 
While I was missing my childhood, my brother and my prime 
You enjoyed the convenience of my solitude 
     F#m            G         Asus2  
Well growing up these days just ain't easy 
     F#m            G         Asus2  
And the kids they're doing the best that they can 
 F#m            G         Asus2  
So mama you better think twice 
G                             Asus2  
Before you lock your kid up and throw away the key 
F#m                   G             Dsus 
'Cause soon your little boy is gonna be a man 
Asus2        Esus 
Tim left town yesterday 
He left me with these words 
Asus2                                Esus    Dsus 
He said yeah I know this life's got a lot to give 
Asus2             Esus 
But my childhood is gone 
And I'm not afraid of dying 
Asus2                        Esus                 Dsus 
I'm gonna grab the world by the horns and learn how to live 


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