Edwin McCain

3 Am

Edwin McCain

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3 Am

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Intro: D D C A 

verse 1 
D           D   C                                   A 
It's 3AM And I'm awake and my heart is still dreaming 

D           D   C                                      A 
It's 3AM And outside I hear the souls still screaming 

D                    D C                         A 
It's been so long you know since my head's been this clear 

D                                          D     C 
Just like a ship lost in the night I just don't know which way I 
should steer 

D A D A But I'll keep chasing my dreams And only you can make them real D A And I pour my heart out every night D A But do you know the way I feel
verse 2 D D C A Sometimes this is work And don't you know sometimes this is play D D C Sometimes you are listening to me And sometimes you don't hear a damn word A that I say D D C A Sometimes there's a girl Sometimes I go home alone D D C A And I guess it's no wonder right now That I do very well on my own #(Repeat Chorus) #(Repeat verse 1 slower and arpegiate the chords)

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